Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seasons of Life

Although I haven't posted any new projects this week, I have been hard at work! I have three dolls nearly ready to list and all the photos taken for the rooting tutorial I promised, but we had a request from someone to see the house so I had to pack everything up and put it all away. Oh, how I miss the office I once had, where I could just shut the door on the mess!

I should get all my dolls out and continue working on them, but I am suffering from a bit of spring fever today. Our neighborhood streets are lined with flowering pear and cherry trees and right now the cherries are peaking. It looks like glorious pink clouds are floating over the roads, and the sidewalks are carpeted with blossoms like a princess wedding. The air is full of suspended flowers like pink confetti. It's hard to concentrate on working when all I want to do is walk around feeling like I'm in fairy land. If we ever do sell this house I will really miss these trees. I wait all year for this one week!

Of course, I had to get out my phone and break out the Instagram and Photoshop aps! It's been so long since I've had a computer with Photoshop, I almost forgot how much I enjoy playing around with it. A big goal for my eBay store is to someday make enough for a new Mac with Photoshop!

This early spring, with its flamboyant flowers and changeable weather, brings the passing of seasons to mind, both in nature and in life. As I write, a band of black clouds are pushing across the sky toward us, so that in the loft where I am sitting I have one window dark with shadow on my right and one window bright with sunshine and cherry blossoms on my left. Life seems to move like that sometimes.

A storm of cherry blossoms and rain drops.

Last night I picked up my youngest nephew from his blanket and realized it was my own oldest son's blanket. In the blink of an eye, my son has become a teenager! Here he is, highly Photoshopped, looking just like my own father, who died in 1977.

My memories of my father are almost all of him either scuba diving or playing his guitar. We had music playing always, a constant soundtrack to our lives. In a week from now you won't even be able to tell the cherries were ever blooming. It will feel like high summer and we will wait for the next big show, our climbing roses, and then on and on as the years pass. Who knows where we'll be next year when the cherries bloom. Life has no guarantees, so we have to enjoy each moment as much as we can in its time.

I promise to get on the rooting tutorial; I have a lot of requests for that, and I have discovered a much easier way to do it. I'll stop my Spring dreaming and buckle down, but first I have to sweep up the cherry blossoms tracked all through the house...for every pleasure has its price!

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