Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cheerful Owl Yarn Wreath

Here is my newest creation, a yarn wreath for Fall. I guess yarn wreaths are the big new trend now. I hadn't ever heard of them before I was invited to a party to make one. I have a collection of owls which started with my rock owl purchased in Michigan (see the rock art blog for a photo). Once I got it I started to see them everywhere. It has become a game for my husband and me to find owls all over the world on our travels. I have a pottery owl that is a whistle from Nicaragua, a jade owl from China, a carved wood owl from the State Fair in Raleigh, but which I think was made in Mexico, and a pair of metal owls on a whirligig I bought this summer in Michigan. So when I saw the yellow fabric printed with owls at Michael's I knew I had to build my wreath around it. I found everything at Michael's. I thought the bright colors usually used in spring decorations would be a nice change from the usual muted Fall tones. The black feather owl is a Halloween decoration that clips on, so I can remove it after Halloween if I want.

The yarn wreath is easy to make. You basically buy a wreath form. The one I found was straw. Warning: it is messy. Straw goes everywhere when you work with it! You glue the yarn end on the wreath using hot glue or regular glue and wrap it around. Whenever you reach the end of the wreath or the yarn glue the end again. To get the striped look I used a variegated yarn called "Sunshine". I forgot the brand name, but you can get it at Michael's. That took the work out of striping it! I knotted a loop for hanging in as I was wrapping the wreath for extra strength. To make the rosettes I just cut two strips of fabric, one twice as wide as the other, and folded them in half lengthwise, with wrong sides together. I then basted and gathered the unfolded edges, sewed them up the ends, sewed them together, and glued them on the wreath. The owl charm in the center is sewn on. I then glued the pre-made flower decorations on, clipped on the feather owl, and that was it!

I wanted to hang the wreath on my black door for more contrast, but I can't find my wreath hanger. Since the homestager came I have no idea where half our stuff is. It was probably shoved in a box somewhere! I bought a Command hook today so I can move it to the door. I sure hope the house sells soon; last night I made a trip at almost 9PM to get a roll of paper my son needed for a school project, my winter shoes, since the weather will turn cold tomorrow, and I hoped to find the wreath hanger but didn't locate it.

Still, I have to admonish myself for feeling too  much self-pity. Although things may be inconvenient right now, we still have it pretty good. We never had our wreath party because another friend lost her sweet baby, Ella, and the funeral was the same day. This is the second baby this family has buried in 3 years, and I don't know how they can bear it. Ella had a congenital condition which they knew would prove fatal, but I don't think that makes losing her any easier.

I know I will always think of Ella when I see this wreath. I hope it will remind me that I am truly blessed, even when things don't go as I might wish. I hope it will remind me that even on  the darkest day the sun is still shining, and the clouds which hide it from view are temporary.

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